After Care for Your New Lash Extensions

 – Please do not wet your lashes within 24 hours of application – this includes sweating, swimming, spa, sauna or gym etc.

– Do not wear any oil based products near your lash line – moisturisers, eyeliner, eye make up.

– Do not use any Argan or coconut oils in hair and wash over your face… as the oil can wash over lashes and cause lifting.

– Sleep on your back if possible, as sleeping on side can remove the outside corner lashes on pillow. Please be aware sleeping on stomach can also squash lashes.

– Do not pull or remove lashes without professional assistance, doing so, can remove or damage your natural lashes.

– Do not use any mascara on your lashes, this can cause premature lifting and drooping due to  the heavier weight.

– Do not rub your lashes as this can remove extensions and natural lashes and can cause discomfort.

– If eye makeup is on your lashes, best to use a cotton bud and a piece of makeup wipe wrapped around tip to wipe off eye makeup.

– Avoid using lint based products as fluff can get caught in lashes.

– Some medications can play havoc with your body chemistry,  thyroid, medications, antibiotics and hormone replacement are known of, which in turn can cause issues with adhesives… please be aware of this .

– Be aware of towels – as lashes are now longer and can get caught easily in towel loops.

– Do not touch your lashes unnecessarily as we have oil and products on our fingers.

– Hormones can cause issues with lash adhesion, so if pregnant etc a test may be best before getting a set of lashes.

also, heat can play a massive factor in how lash adhesives set, please keep your lashes away from heat where possible, oven doors, cigarette lighters, fire place, saunas, spas etc especially within the first 24 hours.


Please, let us know if you have any problems with your lashes, we are here to assist ….

if a problem at all within the first few days, we are more than happy to repair, as sometimes they can get accidently knocked  off if a new wearer, or can get rubbed during sleep etc.

We are unable to rectify an issue if we have not been made aware…  

Thanking you for letting us lash you…. we hope your experience has met your expectations.


Please remember, our business relies on reviews and word of mouth, if you are happy with your lashes please jump on Google and leave a review or pass our details on to friends.

Also, if you are happy for us to use your pic, please send through, we are always looking for more stunning pics for our pages…



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